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Prostitution Law

Prostitution Act (Author’s name) (name of institution) Declaration prostitution law Hypothesis Do existing law on prostitution should continue reforms to close loopholes in the legislation? The purpose of this paper is to study a hypothesis and reach a definitive conclusion of the statement of assumptions. “Prostitution is often said to be the oldest profession. The exchange of sex for money, prestige or position has been recorded in the epics, mythology, poetry, theater, singing, mime, form of expression that attempt to convey the nature Relations between the puppets all human beings.

History of India is unique in the literature in both the open recognition of prostitution and the responsibility of the State to protect the rights of women in prostitution. Arthashastra of Kautilya (320 BC – 150 AD) has a chapter entitled “The Chief Controller Animators” (prostitutes, brothels, prostitutes and other artists) responsibilities “in which he made a distinction between prostitution and trafficking, and puts emphasis on the absolute necessity of prostitution will and consent of the prostitute to engage in a sexual relationship. “(http://free.freespeech.org/manushi/124/prostitution.html) is considered a crime in some countries and prostitutes are considered criminals, but this trade is considered one of the oldest professions, it is simply the exchange of sex for reasons of survival in any form in respect of money, prestige or for the position in the society. jurisdictions have observed that there must be laws and rules so that the younger generation can be stopped from adopting this profession.

This document will be based on three main elements: a knowledge survey questions prostitution laws on prostitution knowledge of the law on prostitution knowledge of the law on prostitution, which is to identify the issues, components or sub- themes of this issue, which is involved in this issue and the different perspectives of different stakeholders “There has been much debate in recent decades on the reform of the law on prostitution. During the discussion, several terms are used to indicate the current and preferred situations, alternatives and legal strategies. To understand the definitions of legalization decriminalized regulated prostitution, etc., we need to understand the context in which these terms are used. “(Http :/ / www.bayswan.org / defining.html) The act of prostitution is defined as an act to support the rights of sex workers, it mainly issues such as decriminalization, regulation and abolitionism. Reliability and safety of this chat can be judged by the views of the different parties involved in the development of the act of prostitution. Such parties stipulates that prostitution does is well done to support the rights of sex workers and friends that act in the details and circumstances which gave rise to sexual favors developed. Moreover, this law also supports the rights
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