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Juvenile Delinquency

Concerning Juvenile Delinquency juvenile delinquency term refers , came into existence by the fact that young lawbreakers could avoid being classified as violators law concerning the legal records . Juvenile delinquency laws are basically made to prevent young offenders from punishment , because the fundamental purpose of the law is for the treatment of juvenile offenders . Today the term juvenile delinquency itself has become an embarrassment. A young offender may be referred to as if he or she has committed a crime or has run out of the house .

In some societies or communities if children are accused of delinquency that are known to their parents and they are being warned , but in other societies or communities of children are referred to the juvenile court in which it officially termed as criminals, but in reference to the parent doesn ‘t apply if the delinquency is not minor. If we look at the studies conducted regarding the causes of juvenile delinquency facts we find that the causes are due to family relationships , especially between parents and their twin sons . Family relationships are the focus of several studies of delinquency. It was found that parents of delinquent children showing various patterns of disciplines and punishments. Sociologists have also taken into account the different surrounding situations of offenders so and found that the majority of offenders were found in the poorer sections of cities ( American Psychological Association (1993 ) .

Was found that these areas have broken homes with very high rate of alcoholism . other conditions were poor schools , high unemployment, lack of adequate recreational facilities and high crime rates as well . was found through some case studies that the offender met the crime as the only way out of their poor condition , boredom, and other social and psychological problems. certain programs of crime prevention they include counseling services , clubs and recreational centers and other educational skills and work of minors . juvenile crime rate is increasing in the United States. increase also not observed in 15 year olds . There is a need to change the system and policies. programs funded by the government may be the best solution to this problem. Apart from this , the federal government should begin a program to reduce youth crime. One of the rising rates of juvenile delinquency can be attributed to the fact that children are not learning the basic habits of households. Professional advice is another way to keep kids out of trouble already in trouble. Another important factor for juvenile delinquency is the lack of parental guidance . Parents do not usually work with their children to take them to be
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